Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nissan's New Triple Injection Engine

Direct injection is so 2008.  Nissan plans to go a step further with a new triple injection engine sometime in the future.  According to this patent application, the engine will have three injectors per cylinder, each delivering a different fuel.  The first injector will supply n-paraffin to start the combustion reaction, the next will supply hydrogen gas to speed the combustion reaction and the final injector will supply a high octane gasoline to drive the combustion reaction.  So does that mean your new Nissan will need three gas tanks?  Not according to the patent application:

"Both the n-paraffin and the hydrogen gas are obtained using the gasoline as a raw material. The gasoline is stored in a fuel tank 31. The fuel tank 31 is provided with a low-pressure fuel pump 32. The gasoline in the fuel tank 31 is pumped by the low-pressure fuel pump 32 and supplied to a fuel separator 33." 

Neat trick.  The new engine should be able to achieve substantially better fuel economy versus a traditional gasoline engine.  A photo of the cylinder head layout is below (the injectors are 21, 22 & 23):

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